Melaka Historic City Launches “Getting To Zero HIV by 2015”

on Friday, 06 September 2013. Posted in 2013, ASEAN Secretariat News

Melaka Historic City Launches “Getting To Zero HIV by 2015”

Photo: The opening ceremony of Melaka Historic City Getting to Zero HIV by 2015.

In support of “ASEAN Cities Getting to Zero Project,” the Melaka Historic City launched its Getting to Zero Project on 5 September 2013 at The Avillion Legacy Hotel, Melaka. The event was jointly officiated by The Rt. Honourable Chief Minister of Melaka State, Datuk Wira Ir. Hj. Idris bin Hj. Haron  and Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health Malaysia. The Plan of Action for the project was developed by government and private agencies, NGOs and individual experts in late 2012. It was officially handed to Mr. Zainal bin Hj. Abu, the Mayor of Melaka Historic City, during the ceremony witnessed by ASEAN Task Force on HIV/AIDS (ATFOA) delegates and representatives of partner organisations.

“ASEAN Cities Getting to Zero Project” is in line with the MDG targets to halve and halt new HIV infection. “Getting to Zero” has been the theme for World AIDS Day for the five-year period starting from 2011 to 2015 with three main emphases: Zero New HIV Infection, Zero Discrimination, and Zero AIDS-Related Deaths. “These focus reflect high government commitment in ensuring people living with HIV (PLHIV) get proper treatment that covers antiretroviral, counselling, care and support that eventually reduce AIDS mortality,” said Datuk Seri Dr. S. Subramaniam.

“The Historic City of Melaka is demonstrating global leadership through city wide action in Getting to Zero. The Mayor of Melaka Historic City, working hand in hand with local officials and in partnership with civil society, is giving powerful strength of quality leadership for all ASEAN cities.  By working together now we can protect lives and protect the dignity of every person. Melaka is leading by example with strong support from national leaders,” said Steven J Krauss, Director of UNAIDS Regional Support Team  for Asia and the Pacific.

Eight ASEAN Member States including Malaysia has agreed to participate in ASEAN Cities Getting to Zero HIV by 2015 Project, which was proposed by Indonesia during back-to-back ATFOA Meeting in Bandung, 2011. The main objective is to achieve the Three Zeros and at the same time endorse the ASEAN Declaration 2011. Melaka Historic City in Malaysia was among the 13 cities adopting the project.